Not taking your pills on time can lead to several complications. Our Innovative Health App reminds you to take your pills on time, it guides you to take the right medicines and monitors your drug intake.


Problem: Not taking pills on time can prove deadly in some cases, especially, in cases where the treatment duration spans over a month.

Solution: Our innovative health app reminds the patients, through Alerts, to take the right pills at the right time. In combination with our Pill Kitthe App monitors and records the patients dosage pattern and alerts the Doctors/ Health Administrators if the prescription is not followed.


Get reminders as per your prescription so that you dont forget to take your pills.


Know your dosage schedule and never miss an appointment appointment with your doctor.

Drug Monitor

Doctors and Health Administrators can monitor and get reports of the drug intake pattern of their patients.

Know your Pills

Identify your pills by shape and colour and get a breif description of them.

Product features

Our Product is Engineered with Excellence and Designed to Last Long.


Our pill box is built to withstand everyday throw-arounds and will stay strong until you've completed your course.


Life saving pills must be hygenically stored, and so we don't compromise on sanitation.


Each disease has a different dosage pattern and so our boxes are customized to suit the schedule.

Made with love

"Did you take your pills?" will now be a question of the past, because we know that there are more things to talk about.


Our pill box is built to go with you, no matter where, No Wires! No Hastles!!

Never run out of pills

When you are running out of pills, do not worry, we know it and your pills will be on way.

How We Build it

Know more about the App and why it is a must for patients on a dosage schedule.


Problem: Diseases like Tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis B, Diabetis are among the diseases for which the treatment is regular intake of pills over a period of time. However, in the case of Hepatitis B and HIV the medication must be taken for a life time. The drugs will keep the virus/bacteria dormant as long as the dosage is taken regularly and on time. In the case of TB, the drugs must be taken 2 times a day for 3-6 months. If the patient fails to take the drugs the bacteria will create a resistant copy of itself and then the patient will have to take a stronger dosage over a longer period of time. The key to this problem is that as long as the drugs and dosage are taken on time the bacteria/virus will be dormant and in case of TB it can be FLUSHED out of the system, however, if the drug intake is irregular then the bacteria/virus become active and life threatening, since it will create a drug resistant copy of itself and the regular medication will no longer work.

Solution: Our unique solution through the combination of Pill Box and Health App reminds the patients to take their pills at dosage time, monitors the patients drug intake pattern and alerts the Doctors/ Health Administrators and close family members in case of irregularities.


Keeping track of your patients dosage intake after they go back home may have been impossible - but not ANYMORE!!

Our innovative solution monitors your patients dosage intake and gives you updates on the go. You will get alerts if they have skipped a pill and reports with the timing of their dosage intake. This tool will help prevent case complications and project future treatment of the patients.


  • How can I link my app to the Pill Kit?

    If you have purchased the Pill Kit online or from a store - register yourself online and then enter you device code which will you find on the scratch card in the Pill Kit. Once your mobile has been verified your device is ready to use.

  • Who all can see the dosage intake data?

    We understand your need for privacy. All data is secure and will be visible only to your close family members and doctors if authorised by you.

  • What if my device stops functioning?

    Our devices have been manufactured and tested thoroughly, however if they malfunction you can requested for a replacement which will be delivered free of cost in the next 5 days.


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Free App


Download the free App, create your dosage schedule and get reminders to take your pills at dosage time.

  • Create Schedule
  • View Dosage Timeline
  • Know your tablets
  • Know your diseases
  • Create and view profile
  • Pill Box Integration
  • Login to Dosage Monitor

Self Monitored

Coming Soon

Purchase the pill box and integrate with our paid app and login and monitor your dosage intake pattern.

  • Create Schedule
  • View Dosage Timeline
  • Know your tablets
  • Know your disease
  • Create and view profile
  • Pill Box Integration
  • Login to Dosage Monitor

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Allan Das

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Joseph Rajan

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